“Within every woman is the wisdom needed to change the world.”

This 4 day retreat, exclusively for women, is a deeply nurturing experience to awaken the goddess within and connect with other women to support the empowerment of feminine energy. It is an intimate group experience which combines sound, movement, power plants, connection with nature and healthy food to allow for personal growth and relaxation. Together we create a safe space for deep healing and transformation, supported by a circle of strong women.

Very few women are fully connected and comfortable with their feminine power and a woman-only environment provides an opportunity to be vulnerable and heal parts of ourselves, which are often suppressed in the male-dominated culture. By joining together in a community of women, lead by inspired facilitators, each woman can reconnect with her divine feminine power and flow, which is essential for bringing balance to ourselves and the planet. We will use compassionate communication throughout the weekend to cultivate sacred sisterhood and transform the way we relate to ourselves and others.


The workshops:

Cacao Ceremony & Movement Exploration

In this uplifting ritual, we will be drinking the sacred cacao beverage. After we have set our heart-felt intentions, we will dive deep into a exploration of body & soul movement. All women will dance through different flavours of femininity, open her hearts, connect with herself, release energetic blocks and enjoy the sensuality of movement.

Yoga for the Chakras


We will start the day with Shakti yoga and Pranayama practice, to align body, mind and spirit. Tara has been teaching yoga for over 30 years and weaves the knowledge of the chakra system into her class, focusing on both the physical and spiritual sides of practice.

Ayahuasca Ceremony

This is a healing and transformational journey into the deeper layers of the self. The circle is held around a fire and the journey is guided by sacred songs from different spiritual traditions, combined with moments of silence and meditation. We will be joined by a talented vocalist and harp player from London, who has many years of experience playing in ceremonies.

Raw Chocolate Workshop

In this workshop you will learn about the nutritional, medicinal and ceremonial uses of cacao and learn how to prepare raw cacao treats using natural, organic ingredients. We will savour our treats during the cacao ceremony.

Activation of Feminine Vortex


On our first evening, we will be activating the feminine vortex within and our united healing sisterhood. We will be working with the tantric principle of the three-fold flame to open our energetic body and connect with our Kundalini energy. Through a sound and movement practice, we get in touch with our feminine flow-state and we will also become aware of internal, energetic blocks, which can be transformed in this powerful retreat.

Initiation to Womb Heart Healing


In each one of us lives a healer. We just need to be given the space to open up to our unique flavour of healing medicine. Each woman will be exploring her own healing frequency, share her sacred gift and receive a powerful healing session from her sacred sisterhood circle.

This practice empowers every woman to utilize her healing work to cleanse, balance, unblock, heal and transform emotional and spiritual blockages.

Family Constellation


Family Constellation or Systemic Constellation is a powerful therapeutic method that helps to recognise root causes of various issues, which sprout from difficult subconscious entanglements within the system of both – our family of origin, as well as in our present family or relationship. There are certain universal laws that exist within those systems and if they are in any way broken, the members of the system will manifest it through life difficulties, dysfunctions, health issues, misfortunes etc. During this workshop we will look at some common dynamics affecting women and whist tapping into the biomorphic field, we will use healing movements to find resolutions.

The medicines:


Cacao, also know as food of the God(desses) has been used in ritual by the Mayans and Aztecs for thousands of years. It is a symbol of love and sensuality and is a gentle, heart-opening medicine. Drinking cacao in it’s pure form can enhance intuition and creativity as well as bring a more authentic and deeper connection to the self and others.


Also known as the Mother or the Grandmother, this sacred Amazonian medicine has been used for thousand of years for physical, emotional and spiritual healing and the expansion of consciousness. The Ayahuasca brew is made from two different plants, the Ayahuasca vine and the leaf of the Chacruna plant. It is an entheogen that allows us to access different realms and connects us with our higher selves, in order to release traumas and blockages and become more authentic and compassionate human beings.

The food


Veronika is a raw food chef and Naturopath who specialises in raw and superfood nutrition and fasting and we give special attention to diet during the retreat. Healthy, high vibration vegan food will be served to optimize your experience during this weekend. All meals will be gluten and sugar-free and organic and home-grown when available.


Veronika Poola is a Naturopath, Ayahuasquero, raw food chef, raw chocolatier and community leader. She grew up in Montreal, Canada and moved to southern Spain in 2003, where she experienced a major life change and healed herself from a long-standing depression through fasting and a raw food diet. In 2005, her and her partner discovered Ayahuasca and shortly after created a medicine community and began leading ceremonies. She is passionate about inspiring others to take responsibility for their health, reconnect with nature and tap into their innate healing power. When not organizing retreats and running a community project, she dedicates her time to her family of 4 children, who she is raising in the most natural way possible.

Sharin Kleeberg is a medicine woman, who created a fusion of the wisdom of ancient teachings with her studies of many different spiritual practices from all around the world. The healing principles she works with have their roots mainly in South American Shamanism and are alchemized with many different elements from the realms of Tantra, Movement Medicine, Regression and Trance Work. Her work is dedicated to activate, re-align and cleanse the physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental & causal body. Within her ceremonies, workshops and private sessions, she invites the deepest, most primal wounds to rise out of the subconscious so true, liberated freedom of Self can be found.

Tara Kley began to practice yoga as a child living in the Auroville commune in Pondiberry, India. During the 40+ years she has been practicing yoga and meditation, it has become a way of life, rather than a simple practice. She teaches Hatha yoga, Shakti yoga, Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga as well as Pranayama and Mantras. In her many years of teaching she has developed a highly intuitive style, tuning into the needs of each individual.

Anna Maria Petikova is Holistic Therapist, Ayahuasquera, body worker and an artist, she works with people through the body, spirit, mind and emotions, using various healing techniques. She’s a qualified Family Constellation Therapist (Bert Hellinger Method) and a Systemic Coach. Originally from Poland, she moved to Spain 3 years ago with her husband and daughter to create the life of her dreams. She’s been on the spiritual journey of self-discovery and healing for nearly 20 years now, using all the tools she works with now, she was able to overcome huge life challenges and heal herself from deep childhood traumas. Once she fully embraced her feminine energy and opened up her creativity, the intuitive and psychic abilities began to flow. She’s passionate about living life to the fullest potential and helping others to achieve the same.


Extra Therapies:

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